Yang Liping – Moonlight

Yang Liping, one of China’s most renowned dancers..

A delight to watch, a joy to experience, Ms Yang has entertained audiences in her native land as well as abroad. Her long, lythe figure twists, bends, and forms shapes from nature such as trees, animals…and the moon…while her slender, whip-like arms complete her beautiful, vivid representations.

Born to dance, Yang Liping, now 55, has recently left the stage, leaving her legacy for younger dancers to continue.

When just 11 years old, Yang Liping joined a dance troupe in southern Yunnan. It was there that she lost her heart to a dance that imitated the movements of peacocks, a totem of the Bai natives. And as we all know, Liping herself later became known as the Peacock Princess from her own representations onstage of the movements of this beautiful bird. I hope you’ll like then share this lovely video of Liping.


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