Twyla Tharp – In The Upper Room

Performed by the Corella Ballet, now the Barcelona Ballet, this well-known Tharp work has also been performed by both the Bolshoi and the American Ballet Theatre.

It’s almost as if the dancers are moving in opposition to how you’d expect them to interpret this Philip Glass score. Too, the different “performances” being executed on stage at the same time run counter to what might be expected as well. .

The perpetual, somewhat hyperkinetic movement you see in In The Upper Room is what Tharp refers to as “stuffing” of movement phrases. Certainly Tharp isn’t one to scrimp on movement. She packs it in, tamps it down, then adds a little more…

Much of this work is so clearly classical ballet; much so clearly modern.

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The much admired dancer and choreographer, Twyla Tharp, gives us a wonderful read by chronicling her life and career. She shares with us her childhood, her musical and classical ballet training, as well as some particularly poignant memories of her past.

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