Twyla Tharp Dance Video Tape, Sadler’s Wells

Twyla Tharp, an American dancer and choreographer, studied with Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. She later joined the Paul Taylor dance company but within two years started her own company.

Tharp’s style can best be described as having “a little of everything.”  Although it was improvisational in nature, she used ballet technique combined with walking, running, and skipping. Her approach was light-hearted with sometimes unexpected, quirky movements such as little hops and shrugs of the shoulder.

The music Tharp chose ranged from classical to jazz, pop, or…silence. However, in listening to the music used for this demo tape, it sounds dated and simplistic.

Choreographed and produced by Twyla Tharp for Baryshnikov, you’ll be delighted with this DVD of a more relaxed  Mikhail as he dances with several talented and lovely partners and does so with his typical ease and brilliance.

Baryshnikov Dances Sinatra and More: A Dance Creation by Twyla Tharp
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