Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet – Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue

Choreography: Crystal Pite
Music: soundtrack of “Solaris” by Cliff Martinez
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, NY

Commissioned by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Canadian choreographer Crytal Pite’s Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue brings ten different duets onstage each with the theme, rescue.

Pite approached the work differently than what might be expected. After choreographing the duets, she then went back and looked for specific images that reflected the theme of rescue, then emphasized each image in each of the ten duets before putting them back into the choreography.

The sequence starting at 2:29 was the one that most evoked the feeling of rescue for me, with the sense of frustration
that could be felt as the female reaches for the male’s hand but continues to lose her grip on him…until she finally does manage to hang onto him. And though the shafts of lights under-score the sense of rescue, that sense then loses its value as it no longer seems to matter as the male, at the point of rescue, then seems to dissolve into nothingness.

Artistic director Benoit-Swan Pouffer, refers to Ten Duets as incorporating “structured improvisation.”

According to the New York Times, “Cedar Lake is possibly the country’s most innovative contemporary ballet troupe.” Certainly the quality of its dancers as well as the exceptional choreographers it’s commissioned have given Cedar Lake a reputation to be envied. Please like then share this with others.

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