Sydney Dance Company – Rafael Bonachela’s We Unfold

Sydney Dance Company’s We Unfold, choreographed and directed by Rafael Bonachela. Music: Ezio Bosso’s Symphony No. 1, Oceans, for Cello and Orchestra.

The choreography was a collaborative one with Bonachela and the dancers. When the piece was being created, the dancers were asked to improvise, to develop relationships among one another, and to see where this led them artistically.

Against the backdrop of starlit darkness projected onto a screen, we watch a striking duet which then seamlessly changes to different size groupings as the imagery changes as well. What the imagery represents I’m not sure. But it suggests nature perhaps…or the beginning of time.

What is clear, however, is that the sequences were beautifully executed; and the choreography powerful yet delicate.

If you enjoy abstract choreography and choreography that is mostly floor based, then please like and share We Unfold with others.


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