Sonya Tayeh – The Root of Me, Carnival piece, 2012

Sit back and enjoy a segment from Sonya Tayeh’s The Root of Me, part of which debuted at Choreographers’ Carnival, an influential dance showcase. Tayeh’s “root” refers to her distinctive style regarding how she teaches and choreographs.

And her “root?” One of force, aggression, and warrior-like which she calls “combat jazz.” This is what you’ll experience, in particular, starting at 1:20.

Strong, powerful, and with an obvious edge, Tayeh’s choreographic and personal voice demand you hear not only her….but all women like her. We hear you, Tayeh. We hear you.

Sonya is as distinctive and unique in choreographic style as she is in person. During college she was completely bald. Since then? Her signature Mohawk is her distinguishing look!


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