So You Think You Can Dance – Allison Becker

Allison Becker, age 21 from Keller, TX, on So You Think You Can Dance. Allison contracted spinal meningitis at 15 months of age. Her parents were told that as a consequence she’d end up deaf, blind, or would die. Fortunately, her life was spared. Sadly, she lost her hearing.

Despite this challenge, however, this beautiful young woman goes on to defy the odds. As you watch this video would you guess that she’s unable to hear music and is only able to follow its rhythm by feeling the vibrations?

Sometimes the best of what we have to offer comes from the greatest of challenges that we are given. That’s the case with Allison Becker. Please like then share the video of this courageous young woman.

A beautifully written and highly informative book that crosses various lines of race, gender, identities, and “normalcy.” It teaches how to develop routines that are specific to those who are “different”, including using dance in special education or as a form of therapy.

Choreographing Difference: The Body and Identity in Contemporary Dance is a treasure for choreographers and dancers, as well as those who simply have a love for this remarkable art form, especially those who have a special interest in social constructs of identity.

It includes a section on Sex in Dance as well as information on the art of choreography when teaching disabled dancers such as those in wheelchairs.


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