Sankai Juku – Toki

Some don’t necessarily consider Sankai Juku to be legitimate Butoh, but I would say from what I’ve read that it should be more accurately described as second generation Butoh. The feeling is that the basic elements of the original Butoh (shaved heads, white faces, and distorted postures) have been used for commercial gain and that the more authentic and original Butoh has been distorted.

Sankai Juku, the Butoh dance troupe which came into existence in the 70s, is more precisely choreographed. Its movements tend to be more orchestrated than the earlier form of Butoh, and it has a certain refinement that the earlier form doesn’t have.

In Toki, meaning time, we see the dichotomy of Japanese mysticism as opposed to musings of the future as the dancers’ bodies take on the imagery of science fiction. Choreographed by Ushio Amagatsu.

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