Sankai Juku – The Egg Stands Out of Curiosity

Sometimes diverse points of view make the very point the choreographer intended to begin with. And certainly such is the case with Unetsu, The Egg Stands Out of Curiosity. Indeed, even Amagatsu himself, the creator of Unetsu, chose not to interpret his own work when interviewed. Instead he wanted the audience to have that dialogue with themselves once they saw the work.

What Amagatsu did offer, however, was that the egg signifies the beginning of life…but also destruction…in as much as even though each individual has life, the human race continues without the expectation of any end as such.

So now that the ground work has been laid for the significance of the egg, I’ll leave it to you, the audience, to look at the elements of the sand and the water and determine how they fit into the over-all dialogue within Unetsu.

After all, isn’t this what Amagatsu would have expected from us?

Please comment below about the “dialogue” this video caused you to have with yourself. Then I hope you’ll like and share this video with others.


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