Netherlands Dans Theater – Jiri Kylian – Birth-Day

This particular episode of Birth-Day by Jiri Kylian is a fun-loving work created in honor of Mozart’s birthday. It gives us another Charlie Chaplin type performance created by filming the performers to music that had been slowed down, then returned to a normal speed.

Film is the only medium other than live performance that Kylian worked in. However, his work was innovative and dynamic in part because of his collaboration with artists in other media.

The humor and facial expressions we see in Birth-Day are so much a part of what makes Kylian’s choreography unique and easy to identify.

Kylian has since stepped down as resident choreographer of Nederlands Dans Theater after having created over 73 works for the company over a 36-year span.

I hope you enjoyed Birth-Day, created by one of America’s most influential and innovative choreographers, Jiri Kylian. Please like then share with others.


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