Nederlands Dans Theater I – Sehnsucht

Choreography: Artistic Advisor, Sol Leon and Artistic Director, Paul Lightfoot

Standing in a spotlighted area on an otherwise blackened stage is a soloist in white pants, Silas Henriksen, with his back to the audience. Upstage, seemingly floating in space, we see inside the image of a cube-shaped room. The items inside are drawn to strange perspective and orientation, but the pas de deux within its confines is obviously unaffected by this. The soloist is then aroused to movement which becomes increasingly bolder.

We then see the corp as it appears onstage with obvious convention. But before doubting NDT II’s reputation for humor and irreverence, we begin to see the true intent behind this convention as the ending builds to crescendo, continues to build, and then finally, at long last, ends with a singular anti-climatic “gesture!”

Sehnsucht has an approximate translation of “a sense of longing.” Do you sense this type of desire or yearning in this work? Perhaps with the pas de deux and the soloist at the beginning of the video? Tell us what you think, then please like as well as share this video with others.


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