Martha Graham: The Dancer Revealed (Ovation TV)

Here we see a brief history of dance from the late 1920s through the era when modern dance was coming into its own. In the 20s performance dance was marked by Broadway musicals, vaudeville skits, minstrel shows, and ballroom exhibitions. Dance of a more serious nature meant classical ballet from Europe.

As dance moved away from the rigid structure of ballet we see early innovators such as Isadora Duncan. However, when we trace our way back from Martha Graham who many consider the true pioneer of modern dance, we see a more direct line from Ruth St. Denis; her husband, Ted Shawn; and Denis’ pupil, Doris Humphrey.

These short episodes will give you an idea as to how the earlier days of modern dance evolved from Isadora Duncan and the Isadorables and Duncan’s Greek interpretation of dance to Martha Graham and her starker, more angular style of dance.

Unconventional and innovative approaches to dance have made modern dance what it’s become today. Please like then share this brief history with others.


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