Martha Graham Dance Company – Chicago Tour, 2007

A quick look back stage as the dancers prepare for the dress rehearsal of Diversion of Angels on a 2007 tour of Chicago…

Inspired by a Wassily Kandinsky painting she saw in the Chicago Art Institute, Graham declared, “I will make a dance like that.” And so she did.

In Diversion of Angels man and woman meet; man and woman part.

The simple, flowing lines of the costumes, differing only in color, help to focus the eye on the dancers’ bodies and their movements; movements of life, of love, of emotion. But…

…not before a fire alarm chases the dancers out onto the streets of Chicago, however!

Two DVDs, three performances, with commentaries that follow. View the older version of Appalacian Spring as well as a newer one for comparison. Also included is a 1994 PBS documentary, “Martha Graham: The Dancer Revealed.” Enjoy an extra special treat as Martha herself explains her technique.

Martha Graham Dance on Film (The Criterion Collection)
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