Lisa Bufano

Lisa Bufano reaches for the sky once again…this time with prosthetics.

Though not always comfortable being watched and having little desire to discuss how she ended up an amputee, Lisa finds that when she’s performing, a type of tension is produced that actually can evolve into strength.

Lisa much prefers to share her love of art with us which includes sculpture, stop-motion animation, doll-making, and, of course, modern dance. If you feel as I do, that Lisa has much to teach us all, please like then share this video with others.

A beautifully written and highly informative book that crosses various lines of race, gender, identities, and “normalcy.” It teaches how to develop routines that are specific to those who are “different”, including using dance in special education or as a form of therapy.

Choreographing Difference: The Body and Identity in Contemporary Dance is a treasure for choreographers and dancers, as well as those who simply have a love for this remarkable art form, especially those who have a special interest in social constructs of identity.

It includes a section on Sex in Dance as well as information on the art of choreography when teaching disabled dancers such as those in wheelchairs.


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