Jiří Kylian – One of a Kind

Commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Home Affairs to honor the country’s 150th anniversary of its constitution, Kylian presents us with his full-length ballet, One of a Kind, the celebration of individual freedom.

Less a theme than a suggestion of one, some see One of a Kind as one’s journey through life with both its beauty as well as its darkness and disappointments.

But whatever the interpretation, which Kylian’s encourages from his audiences, this ballet is one that has an under-lying presence of deep and sometimes emotionally wrenching mood.

At approx. 0:15” the lightness and beauty of this sequence clearly underscores One of a Kind’s gift to us.

Eloquent choreography with an eloquence of effortless execution akin to cutting through soft butter..

This short video gives us just enough to make us cry for more or to simply, well…cry. Please like then share One of a Kind with others.


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