Jiří Kylián – Nederlands Dans Theater I – Wings of Wax

Wings of Wax is a work about change in relationships. It’s Kylian in style; intense emotion; creative choreography; complex, unique partnering; as well as selection of music, Wings of Wax is Kylian times two.

Set to compositions from Bach and Biber to modern composers Cage and Glass, Kylian has a unique knack for using different styles of music from different eras.

The innovative choreography and the exquisite execution were a match of stunning beauty. It was effortless, beautifully expressive, and a delight to watch unfold.

Wings of Wax is a beautiful work of Kylian’s exploration of how bodies can make use of space as well as how different parts of the body can be used in varied and unique ways. Please like then share this with others.


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