Jiří Kylián – Car Men

Though Kylian worked with mostly live performance, he also directed two films, one of which is Car Men, a contemporary spoof on the ballet, Carmen. Set in a car yard, Car Men is in black and white and in the style of silent era films.

Somewhat following the storyline of Carmen, Car Men is Kylian all the way! In the use of humor, the facial expressions, and body language as well as the physical nature of the choreography…

Dancer Sabine Kupferberg is the victim…but eventually is victorious. With a sense of style she stares down life, as well as her co-actors, and ends up walking away from them just as did the character, Carmen.

Kylian and Dutch filmmaker, Boris Paval Cone, collaborated on Car Men, 2006.

Studio: Arthaus Musik

On December 31, 2009, Jiri Kylian left Nederlands Dans Theater as the resident house choreographer. He chose to leave to pursue other challenges as well as to simplify his life. Please like then share this video with others who are fans of Kylian.

A collaboration between Jiri Kylian and Dutch filmmaker, Boris Paval Cone, this 30-minute black and white film is reminiscent of the silent era. It’s witty and funny…and very much Kylian…in the body movement, facial expressions, and double takes. Kylian’s choreography is clearly one that speaks its own language!

If it’s both amusement and appreciation of Kylian you’re looking for, you’ll want to be sure you have this DVD. It’s just plain fun!

Jiri Kylian's Car Men
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