Isadora Duncan Ensemble

Though revolutionizing dance in the late 1800s wasn’t initially accepted in America, Isadora Duncan eventually earned recognition and wide acclaim in Europe and later in America for doing so.

Duncan’s style of dance was never codified into a technique. However, her philosophy, her style of dance, and departure from ballet secured her place in history as a pioneer of modern dance.

Watch as the Isadora Duncan Ensemble performs classic Duncan style, a style untethered by the restraint of ballet technique that Duncan sought to free herself from.

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A summary of the life and work of Isadora Duncan, an early “modern” dancer during the first decades of the 20th century.. Duncan used natural movement, rejecting the strict classical rules of ballet. This DVD gives us excerpts from Isadora’s performances, danced by Lori Bellilove. This is a wonderful DVD about the early history of modern dance but also gives us insights into Duncan’s professional as well as personal life. She met with tragedy when still fairly young, but the impression she made on the world of dance continues to this day.


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