“Fix Me Jesus” – Revelations – Alvin Ailey

Premiering in 1960, Revelations is in three parts. “Fix Me Jesus” is in the first part, Pilgrim of Sorrow.

April Berry and Kevin Brown portray with stunning emotion, technique, and musicality a sense of resignation to one’s plight as a slave and the complete, but hopeful, offering of oneself to a higher power.

This duet is eloquent in every sense. Watch 2:32 – 3:00. The partnering is beautifully creative, trusting, and with such a sense of complete surrender.

Revelations, inspired by Ailey’s childhood memories of his growing up years in rural Texas in the Baptist church, has become an irreplaceable cultural tradition and one which no one should miss seeing. Appealing to audiences world-wide, there is no more widely seen modern dance production than Revelations.

Enjoy this audio CD of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations.

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