Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet – So You Think You Can Dance

Owned by Nancy Walton Laurie, Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s niece, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet continues to field questions about what it’s like to be owned and run by America’s largest discount chain.

This is in part its challenge, to try to answer this at virtually every performance it presents. But it’s also probably the reason why this tightly run ship of 16 dancers is as efficient as it is. And when an organization is this efficient, well, it opens up the doors to more and more possibilities…which is what dance is all about anyway, isn’t it!

So bring it on! Wal-Mart, that is. Because without its wealthy heiress, there would be no Cedar Lake. And without Cedar Lake we’d go wanting for one more modern dance company that performs works by international choreographers. And Cedar Lake is the only one of its size that’s dedicated to doing so.

After all, this is really all about art anyway…however you slice it and however it comes to you. And art is what both Nancy Walton Laurie and Cedar Lake do so well.

This fairly young company of only nine years is a serious company, and as more and more individuals become familiar with its talent, Cedar Lake will become much less about Wal-Mart and Arkansas and much more about what its intentions have been all along. And that’s celebrating quality international choreography. I hope you’ll like then share this video with others.

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