Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet – Horizons

Horizons, the “rain dance” and world premiere of Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis, is a somewhat questionable work.

It seems to be simply going through the paces of choreography…a series of movements without any real connection to anything. But to bring a bit of noteworthiness to this work, we know that any time Cedar Lake dancers perform that, regardless of choreography, we’ll see a stage of highly skilled and stunningly athletic bodies.

And that’s what we see. A renowned company we can enjoy…but with a bit of flailing about and disjointedness.

This was a tough one to relate to, and I’m not sure that the dancers related to it either.

The “rain dance”, though “wet” isn’t seen in this short video, felt a bit soggy to me! How about you? But if you like the athleticism of the body parts, as I did, then I hope you’ll like then share them with others!


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