Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet – Ebony Williams’ Interview

Her name is Ebony. Ebony Williams. Dancer with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet for almost nine years and backing gal with Beyonce in the spirited Single Ladies’ video.

By her own admission, Ms Williams bores easily so finds it refreshing to juggle her time between Cedar Lake and the commercial world. But whereas there’s the diva in oneself that fights to be satisfied in commercial work, in the world of the concert dance, it’s the choreographer that decides what and how you will ultimately perform. Easy to see why a personality such as Williams is suited to both these diverse worlds!

Listen to Williams tell her story as you enjoy the short clips of her studio rehearsals.

Two very talented ladies, each just as diverse and multi-talented as the other. Coming from a classical background but as a dancer with the contemporary ballet company, Cedar Lake, Williams is the perfect “partner” for Beyonce. Surprising that these two work so well together? I don’t think so! Please like then share this fun and enlightening interview video with others.

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