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  • Yang Liping  – Portraits: China – Profiling the Chinese Dream

    Yang Liping – Portraits: China – Profiling the Chinese Dream

    A trailer for Portraits: China – Profiling the Chinese Dream Yang Liping brings her creativity to the stage as she guides, nurtures, and polishes the dance and drama performances of China’s ethnic communities. These native communities represent the struggles they have in a world of change, change that wooes the Chinese toward the world of civilization. Will the Chinese throw away the past? Will the ancient tribes and villages of China disappear in a way similar to America’s natives? And […]

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  • Yang Liping – Moonlight

    Yang Liping – Moonlight

    Yang Liping, one of China’s most renowned dancers.. A delight to watch, a joy to experience, Ms Yang has entertained audiences in her native land as well as abroad. Her long, lythe figure twists, bends, and forms shapes from nature such as trees, animals…and the moon…while her slender, whip-like arms complete her beautiful, vivid representations. Born to dance, Yang Liping, now 55, has recently left the stage, leaving her legacy for younger dancers to continue. When just 11 years old, […]

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  • Yang LiPing – White Snake Dance

    Yang LiPing – White Snake Dance

    The Princess Peacock in her Legend of the White Snake..

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  • Yang Liping -Two Trees

    Yang Liping -Two Trees

    Yang Liping, from Dali, Yunan Province and best known for her drama, “Peacock Princess”, loved to dance from a very young age. And although she never had formal dance training, her lovely figure, positive nature toward life, and her desire to transform the cultural landscape of her native land into an art form are what propelled her into a national and much admired treasure. In 1979 Yang’s “Two Trees” won first prize in China Central Television Spring Festival Party. “Two […]

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  • Yang Liping – Love of Peacock

    Yang Liping – Love of Peacock

    After 40 years as the much acclaimed “Peacock Princess”, Yang Liping’s performances to sellout crowds throughout China finally drew to a close in 2012. At age 54 Yang Liping felt that it was time for her to retire from the stage and leave it to younger dancers. A beautifully aesthetic performance that will capture your heart and be a joy to your eyes.

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  • Yang LiPing – Moon

    Yang LiPing – Moon

    Like spun silk, blowing in the uneven but gentle breeze of a warm summer’s night, Yang Liping, choreographer and performer, gives us a mesmerizing experience of silhouetted movements against a full-moon-lit evening. Enjoy the beautiful and unexpected shapes made by Liping’s simple, yet exquisite movements. Look, too, at the transformed area within the moon, Liping’s ability to express herself with her arms and hands as well as her ability to move them with such variety, flexibility, and creativity urges us […]

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