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  • Clear Tears / Troubled Waters

    Clear Tears / Troubled Waters

    This three-part creation by Thierry Smits begins with a darkened stage and nine white columns of light, suggestive of a world that once was but is no longer. The movements tell a similar story as dancers in black express frustration and despair. But in the second part Swits gives us an optimistic twist. If only we can change out attitudes, then there is hope for the future. This is reflected in the dancers’s costumes which are now blue, the change […]

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  • To The Ones I Love – Compagnie Thor

    To The Ones I Love – Compagnie Thor

    Controversial but highly recognized and awarded, Belgium-born Thierry Smits began choreographing after a short career as a dancer. Twenty years later Smits’ work continues to revolve around complex subject matter including sexuality. He views the body as raw material for choreography, sometimes focusing only on pure dance, other times focusing on dramatization. Smits has had a seemingly tireless career, giving us an abundance of choreographic works not only for his own company but for many others as well. I hope […]

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