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  • Pina


    Filmmaker: Wim Wender Music: Fatass Joint by Cujo From Pina, produced as a tribute to Pina Bausch, German choreographer who left us in the summer of 2009.. Rhythmic, beautiful, uplifting, and mesmerizing! A joy to watch… INSTANT HAPPY FEET GIFT SET: For the woman in your life who deserves to pamper her feet. Or give this collection to a special friend…or think about treating yourself! Includes 100% all natural products from The Plum Island Soap Company: Soothing Foot Soak, Salt […]

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  • Pina – Thom Hanreich

    Pina – Thom Hanreich

    Another lovely excerpt from the documentary, Pina, produced in honor of the late German choreographer, Pina Bausch. Filmmaker: Wim Wenders Music: Thom Hanreich Something that I always notice is that Ms Bausch’s dancers never seem to tire. But then they also had a very special reason for dancing from the heart because of the timing of this production which was so soon after Ms Bausch’s death. Nonetheness, in all her works, her dancers seem to be embued with a special […]

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  • Pina – Intersection Duet

    Pina – Intersection Duet

    The un-named intersection duet from Pina, documentary about the celebrated German choreographer, Pina Bausch. With no particular storyline, though the intensity of the emotions is clear, a young man and woman meet at an intersection, perhaps a chance encounter, perhaps not. They share a few moments of obvious yearning before the young man disappears across the street leaving the young woman behind. (The sequence starting at 1:03 is breathtaking, so complete, and so full of trust and surrender.) Relationships between […]

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  • Pina – Seasons March

    Pina – Seasons March

    With the slowness, cadence, and sound somewhat reminiscent of a dirge, but lacking the solemnity, Seasons March surrounds us and seems to ask us to join in. Slowly stepping along the edge of a cliff in time to the music, the dancers’ hands express our closeness to and connection with each passing season. The dressy attire of the men and women enhance the tribute to each season’s unique identify and beauty. And the light breeze blowing through the dancers’ hair […]

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  • Pina Bausch – Bamboo Blues – Festival @ Spoleto52 2Mondi

    Pina Bausch – Bamboo Blues – Festival @ Spoleto52 2Mondi

    First vignette: Rejected woman in long, red gown moves about the stage in obvious distress, long dark hair flowing wildly with her movement. Next vignette: Man in suit using some sort of extremely long mouthpiece is carried onstage by three Indian men. And in the background? An Indian woman whose arm and footwork are obviously Indian. Next vignette? Next? Then images from India projected onto a screen in the background… And more vignettes… On and on it goes in Bamboo […]

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  • Pina Bausch – Cafe Muller

    Pina Bausch – Cafe Muller

    Ms Bausch gave us something that probably no other choreographer has. She was able to cut through the “surface tension” in us all and present us with the essence, the under-lying and unmistakable reality of our humanity and lay bare the emotions in us all. In this video from Café Muller Pina’s emotions are carried in her torso, arms, her facial expressions…and certainly the turn and tilt of her head which seems to drive all her movement. These emotions “carry” […]

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  • Pina – La Prima Vez

    Pina – La Prima Vez

    The New World Renaissance Band Voice: Owain Phyfe). Soundtrack, La Primz Vez, from Pina Bausch’s work “Der Fensterputzer”. Pina, by Win Wenders One of several female soloists in “Der Fensterputzer” from Pina. Stylistic and theatrical with very little traveling across the floor. A moving work to a traditional sephardic song… Please like then share more Pina with others.

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  • Pina – The Here and After by Jun Miyake

    Pina – The Here and After by Jun Miyake

    Erie, haunting, and memorable, Here and After, composed by Jun Miyake, Japanese composer and trumpeter, is the perfect accompaniment for this episode of Pina, Wim Wenders documentary about German modern dance choreographer, Pina Bausch. What can we say about this excerpt from Pina? Does the dancer represent trying to get away from one’s existence, from memories, from oneself? But the greater the effort, the more the opposing force pulls back? Or is it about fighting against limitations while at the […]

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  • Pina Bausch – Kontakthof

    Pina Bausch – Kontakthof

    We’ll do what we can. As well as we can… But will make no apologies in the process. And in the end? We simply are who we are. … but always wanting your approval. Two different performances of Kontakthof by two different casts were given within a week of each other in 1999. The first group? The professional ensemble of Tanztheater Wuppertal. And the second? 65+ seniors, none of whom had had any theatrical or dance experience. Ms Bausch’s idea […]

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  • Pina – Official 3D Trailer 2011 (HD)

    Pina – Official 3D Trailer 2011 (HD)

    The official trailer for the breathtaking, memorable Pina, a dance film in honor of the now departed Pina Busch, German choreographer… Performed by the Wuppertal Tanztheatre, the dancers are super imposed on both countryside and urban settings, giving the pieces a dream-like quality. Selected as the German entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the 84th Academy Awards, Pina received the highest praise from those who appreciate tributes to dance. I hope you enjoyed this trailer of a cinematic […]

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