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  • Kelly Harris Dance Project

    Kelly Harris Dance Project

    Beautiful costumes on beautiful but different body types… I enjoyed how each dancer’s movements relate to the other two dancers. Sensual and creative choreography, but parts felt a little awkward to me… This piece isn’t that difficult, but most of it is well executed. These dancers are artists in progress. Nice choice of music; it works well with the choreography. If you enjoyed the hypnotic simplicity of this piece, please share it with others

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  • A Modern Dancer And Her Choreography

    A Modern Dancer And Her Choreography

    This dancer seems to thoroughly and so comfortably enjoy herself. She’s relaxed and at ease with her choreographic efforts. No question that modern dance derives from ballet as you watch our dancer’s arabesques and pique turn…which she fell out of, however. Her obvious joy in dance made her fun to watch. I did have a difficult time with the choice of music. Sometimes dance is simple as well as…simply what it is. Please share this simplicity with others.

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