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  • Silhouettes – America’s Got Talent – 2011

    Silhouettes – America’s Got Talent – 2011

    42 of America’s best perform on America’s got Talent, 2011. Silhouettes, from Denver, Colorado, under the direction of Lynne Waggoner-Patton gives us this stunning, patriotic performance, dedicated to the military. I can think of no other art form where each performer plays such an integral part in the making of the whole…and one in which that whole suffers more quickly if even one performer falls short. Such is the beauty, and the responsibility, with Silhouettes where these amazing 3-18-year-old youths […]

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  • Die Mobilés – Moving Shadows

    Die Mobilés – Moving Shadows

    Die Mobiles is a theater group which was founded in 1979 by professor Kafi Biermann. Known then as “Das Kolner Bewegungstheater”, the group was made up of a group of students from varying sports and dance backgrounds. This particular type of presentation, known as “Bewegungstheater” (physical or movement theater), is now taught at the German Sport University Cologne, a sport university in Cologne, Germany, and the largest of its type in Europe. Watch as Die Mobiles’ performers transform themselves into […]

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  • Silhouette Dance – Le Ombre

    Silhouette Dance – Le Ombre

    Le Ombre Is a group of professional, cutting edge dancers and acrobats. These talented performers are part of a new form of entertainment increasingly seen in the corporate world as well as at public and private events. Silhouette, or shadow, dance is solid image movement projected onto or in front of a screen. Since no facial expressions can be seen, any emotions and sense of drama must be carried by the silhouettes themselves, the dancers’ movements, or the music. Silhouette […]

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