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  • Worship Dance – “You Raise Me Up”

    Worship Dance – “You Raise Me Up”

    Though there will always be controversy regarding praise dancing and whether or not it should be included in worship services, it nonetheless can be a joyful and heartfelt expression of praise. Enjoy the beauty and inspiration in the simple yet elegant choreography and costuming of “You Raise Me Up.” I particularly appreciated seeing the different age performers, a tribute to praise dancing as an expression of one’s devotion to and worship of God regardless of one’s gender, regardless of one’s […]

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  • Amazing Grace Dance Company

    Amazing Grace Dance Company

    A call to worship. A call to praise. Amazing Grace Dance Company is a professional praise dance group that has studied with choreographers such as Ashi Smythe of The Lion King and Mathew Rushing of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Amazing Grace Dance ministers through dance with the passion and talent they bring to communities across the nation. Spread The Word! Danced to Ken Ford’s “Moments In Love”… Simple instructions guide the beginner through two basic dances that can be […]

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  • Worship Dance – “He Wants It All Today”

    Worship Dance – “He Wants It All Today”

    This young woman is a lovely expression of what praise dance is. Her inward joy is her outward beauty. If you’re a believer, I hope you enjoy the celebration, devotion, and praise to God on high through this heartfelt interpretation of “He Wants It All Today”, by Forever Jones. If this up-lifts you as it does me, please like then share with others.

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  • God Blocked It – Praise Dance Performance

    God Blocked It – Praise Dance Performance

    Praise dancing has become a way of worshiping God in much the same way it was in ancient times. In fact, in Exodus 15:20 we read how Miriam and others celebrated their deliverance by God through dance. What these ladies may lack in dance technique, they more than make up for in soul. And isn’t that what much of dancing should be anyway?! I hope you feel the experience these ladies feel and that you’ll like then share with others.

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  • I Will Rise

    I Will Rise

    During ancient times dance was used as a type of worship to show thanks to God through one’s body. However, during the reformation the church did away with this form of dance. In the 20th century it returned in the form of “praise dancing” and is now a part of many worship services and can be seen in virtually any Christian denomination. Praise dancing can include ballet, modern, traditional, or hip-hop. It may be choreographed or improvisational. It may also […]

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