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  • Pilobolus Dance Theatre

    Pilobolus Dance Theatre

    A favorite of audiences everywhere, Pilobolus is pure magic. A combination of dance and theater, what you see in Pilobolus is athleticism, strength, creativity, and amazing performance skills. Anyone who loves not only dance but experimentation as well will want to experience Pilobolus. Its imagery and illusions will leave you spellbound. Please like then share the amazing Pilobolus.

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  • Pilobolus – Shadowland Flower

    Pilobolus – Shadowland Flower

    With lights and shadow, Pilobolus creates animals, characters, objects….and flowers! It’s at once part dance, part theater, circus and a whole lot of shadow. Shadowland Flower is eery, other-worldly, and even somewhat frightening! The over-all feel is somewhat like that of a cartoon as the dancers transform their bodies to give the audience an imaginary and stunning experience. Pilobolus is fun for everyone. Adults, children, dancers, and non-dancers alike. Please share with others who will enjoy!

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  • Pilobolus at the Academy Awards

    Pilobolus at the Academy Awards

    A clip of Pilobolus when it performed at the 2007 Academy Awards… First you see the Oscar statue, then silhouetted images representing different films which were nominated. My personal favorite? The Happy Feet penguins! The transitions from image to image are almost as magical as the images themselves. They’re clean and very intentional. In that respect Pilobolus’ performances have an almost simplistic feel to them. I find Pilobolus tough to define but every bit as engaging, entertaining…and certainly not typical! […]

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  • Pilobolus – Shadow Dance

    Pilobolus – Shadow Dance

    Shadow dance, or silhouette dance as it’s sometimes called, is an increasingly popular form of dance and theater. Pilobolus, a dance troupe which made its debut in 1977, exemplifies this art form. Watch the “metamorphosis” of the performers which is made possible not only by the close physical contact they have with one another but by the contortions and gymnastic-like movements as well. Unexpected, ever-changing imagery, whimsical entertainment. This is Pilobolus. If you enjoy truly collaborative choreography, please like then […]

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  • Pilobolus Repertory 2012

    Pilobolus Repertory 2012

    What the mind can conceive the body can achieve, and what Pilobolus conceives is all but beyond imagination. This is a choreography of metamorphosis, magical and unusual. The evocative imagery of Pilobolus derives from the amazing athletic and gymnastics capability of this troupe. Theater, drama, and artistry. Truly amazing…if what you most enjoy is the unexpected. Do you enjoy the entertaining and daring choreography of Pilobolus? If so, please like, then share with others.

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  • Pilobolus – So You Think You Can Dance

    Pilobolus – So You Think You Can Dance

    Would anyone have guessed that 40 years after Pilobolus’ inception it would still be going strong…especially given the controversial nature of this dance group. It’s still in fine form, a form of its own no less, though having evolved somewhat over the years. Gone are some of the illusory effects that Pilobolus was once known for. However, the acrobatic quality that invites so many opposing opinions is still very much Pilobolus. The control, fluidity and lightness of this duo’s weight […]

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  • OK Go + Pilobolus – All Is Not Lost

    OK Go + Pilobolus – All Is Not Lost

    Watch Pilobolus perform to the music of strange, but very cool, rock band OK Go. But be careful! This production can put you in a trance with its kaleidoscopic effect and hypnotic music. You’ll view the dancers from a worm’s eye view as they push against an illusion of a barrier with their innovative movements, then seemingly float in space. Though not the complete performance, this same show appeared on PBS some years ago. Enjoy the stunning artistry, athleticism, and […]

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  • Pilobolus Bidauto Commercial

    Pilobolus Bidauto Commercial

    One moment it’s there; the next gone. Shapes magically transformed, new images created as those images merge with each other into even newer images. That’s the nature of Pilobolus. Pilobolus, a modern dance performing arts company, defies the imagination as its performers contort, intertwine, and seemingly merge their bodies into unusual and unexpected forms. Seen at the Oscars, in television advertisements, and in performances throughout the world, watch Pilobolus in this Bidauto commercial. Did you enjoy the genius in this […]

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