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  • MOMIX reMIX in Crete – Marigolds

    MOMIX reMIX in Crete – Marigolds

    The exceptional. The creative. The inventive. A showcase of theatrical intelligence, whimsical movement, and optical illusion. Marigolds, little puff balls of delightful entertainment.. Often unexpected and sometimes almost comedic choreography.. All to be appreciated. And even more to be enjoyed! If you love the whimsical nature of MOMIX, please like then share this clip with others who will enjoy it as well.

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  • Momix – Passion

    Momix – Passion

    Set to Peter Gabriel’s music score for The Last Temptation, the film that depicts the life of Christ as he struggles with temptation, Passion entertains visually and captures you emotionally. Passion is spiritual in theme…and illusion throughout. Illusion as the dancers morph into moving, other worldly looking sculptures… Illusion through props that are used to give us even more spellbinding images and palpable sensations… And music that, at times, is almost more powerful than the choreography itself. The experience at […]

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  • Momix – Opus Cactus

    Momix – Opus Cactus

    Free your mind. Open your eyes. Let the magic begin. A variety of segments gives us the inventiveness of Moses Pendleton starting with a nude dancer seated on a turning rope, then switching to the silhouette of a woman making angular shapes with her hands and arms, behind her head, reminiscent of traditional Indian dance. It then takes us to expressionless, alien-like creatures in neoprene type body suits that form abstract shapes and emulate animal movements. And the props? Isn’t […]

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  • MOMIX – Pole Dance

    MOMIX – Pole Dance

    A less sensual pole dancing. Fun to watch but more a clever act than creative choreography. The hypnotic, rhythmic, aborigine sounding music works well for the dancers’ simple movements and the large, synchronized patterns made with the approximately 10-foot tall poles. In fact, the poles themselves almost become the dancers as these gymnasts skillfully manipulate them by waving them, twisting them, crossing one with another. Simple in choreography but “bold” in props. Do you enjoy anticipating what Moses Pendleton will […]

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  • Momix – FirstWorks 2008

    Momix – FirstWorks 2008

    Once again Momix captures the audience with its creative transformation of how you see the body. But by not seeing the body as we expect to see it, it becomes easier to disassociate from it. And in so doing? Perhaps we open up other dimensions. Imagination. Dreams. Subtleties we might otherwise miss. All things possible. All emotions felt…or none at all. Add to this the lighting, music, technical innovations, and the creative brilliance of Moses Pendleton and you have theatrical […]

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  • MOMIX – The Best of 2011

    MOMIX – The Best of 2011

    The best of “the mix” in 2011, MOMIX is genius. Each piece surprises and pleases in a way you think that nothing more so can follow…until the next and then the next. Certainly Moses Pendleton has changed what the body is to dance. MOMIX is genius theater, extravagant props that “best” the dancers, stage lighting that is pure craft, and cutting edge music that pulls it all together. If you enjoy “the best” in MOMIX, please like then share this […]

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  • MOMIX reMIX in Crete | Aqua Flora

    MOMIX reMIX in Crete | Aqua Flora

    Cascading strings of beads from the dancer’s lampshade-shaped hat, the costume that is the wonder in this Momix-inspired piece… As the dancer moves, mostly sequences of different turns, the beads appear as a flexible disc that rotates as well as moves up and down, catching the light and further enhancing the over-all performance. Aqua Flora is calming. The music, a sedative… And once again the choreography of Moses Pendleton and Cynthia Quinne delights as surely as it surprises. If you […]

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  • Momix – Pas de Bleu

    Momix – Pas de Bleu

    A spectacular light show of sparkling blue, jewel-like wings with electronic music as sparkling and jewel-like as the choreography. That is Pas De Bleu, a very blue pas de deux. Battery-operated led lighting fabric makes this production possible. Pas De Bleu is magic making. Momix magic making, that is. If you love the extravaganza and hypnotic effect of Pas De Bleu, please like then share with others.

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  • Momix – First Born

    Momix – First Born

    From the movie, First Born, this thoughtful, haunting choreography is about a young mother who’s moved to a secluded house after having just given birth. She starts to believe that her house is haunted by the ghost of a previous resident, a teenage girl. Movement that is careful, contemplative and almost disturbing… Music and voice quality that are haunting and recurring… Choreographed by Cynthia Quinn and Moses Pendleton, Momix once again shows us its beauty, its creativity, and its ability […]

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  • Momix – Bothanica

    Momix – Bothanica

    Lovely illusions. Dramatic effects. A Momix extravaganza! The choreography supports the magical fluttering, unfolding, and closing of the sunflower-like props. Interestingly, the props are the choreography. This is the stuff Las Vegas is made of! It’s big! It’s fancy! It’s colorful! It’s feathers! Just plain visually bold and fun! If you enjoy the precision and elaborate nature of Momix choreography, please like then share this video clip.

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