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  • Modern Dance Moves for Beginners – Megan Brazil

    Modern Dance Moves for Beginners – Megan Brazil

    Here Megan Brazil of meganbrazildance.com takes us through some beginners’ modern dance moves. Since she studied the Martha Graham technique, her perspective comes from this influence. She begins in parallel position, a position used by many modern dancers. Beginning by pulling in her belly button, she rolls down from the spine starting with her head. This is one of the moves I remember when taking my first modern dance class years ago. I recall how different it felt for me […]

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  • Timbaland’s Apologize with Tara Lynn’s Dancers

    Timbaland’s Apologize with Tara Lynn’s Dancers

    The dancers are obviously at different skill levels and struggle somewhat in dancing well together. Jenny Day, the choreographer and dancer in front, is obviously the strongest. Though the piece wasn’t technical, it has a relaxing casualness. And the music is soothing despite the lyrics… Enjoy this dance studio video, then please like and share with your friends.

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  • SDSU’S Modern Dance Class

    SDSU’S Modern Dance Class

    Soothing, lyrical, and beautiful, this video allows the viewer to set aside the stronger emotions that modern dance often evokes and to enjoy a more relaxed and simpler state of being. Modern dance encompasses the entire spectrum of emotion. That is its strength. Enjoy and share.

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