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    Lisa Bufano

    Lisa Bufano reaches for the sky once again…this time with prosthetics. Though not always comfortable being watched and having little desire to discuss how she ended up an amputee, Lisa finds that when she’s performing, a type of tension is produced that actually can evolve into strength. Lisa much prefers to share her love of art with us which includes sculpture, stop-motion animation, doll-making, and, of course, modern dance. If you feel as I do, that Lisa has much to […]

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  • Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    An interdisciplinary artist from Boston, MA, Lisa Bufano is a portrait in determination, resilience, and bravery. A bilaterial below-the-knee and fingers-thumbs amputee, Lisa almost lost her life at age 21 to a staphylococcus bacterial infection. Lisa’s performance career began when her web site was found by a professor at the University of Linz who was researching amputees’ lives. As a consequence she was offered a stipend to perform in Vienna. In her work she not only uses her body as […]

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