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  • Jose Limon – Psalm

    Jose Limon – Psalm

    Though Limon continued to choreograph after Psalm, he may have thought this would be his last work since it was during this time that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most likely as a consequence he put everything he had into Psalm. Inspired by The Last of the Just by Andre Schwartz-Bart, Limon created in Psalm a very powerful work with an intense sense of humanity. As well, it’s brimming to capacity choreographically. Anyone who loves and understands rhythms will […]

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  • Jose Limon – There is a Time

    Jose Limon – There is a Time

    Although Jose Limon passed away in 1972, his work lives on and continues to delight audiences everywhere. This despite changes we’ve seen in the world both culturally and socially since the Limon Dance Company celebrated its first anniversary over 65 years ago… There Is a Time is Limon’s interpretation of the Bible’s Ecclesiastes as seen in the intense emotions of the snapshot sequences of the solos and duets. A time, a place, a season, a purpose as we pass through […]

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  • José Limón – The Traitor

    José Limón – The Traitor

    Inspired by the betrayal of Judas by Jesus, The Traitor is Jose Limon’s reaction to the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s and the blacklisting of many in the entertainment industry based on their political affiliations or beliefs. Limon was more interested in expression through movement rather than the movement itself. He emphasized clean, precise use of the body with this students, downplaying movement that was unnecessary or that didn’t reflect the choreography’s communicative intent. If you enjoy Limon’s beautiful shapes […]

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  • Jose Limon – The Moor’s Pavane

    Jose Limon – The Moor’s Pavane

    The Moor’s Pavane, Jose Limon’s movement interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello.. So little movement; so much theater. In Jose Limon’s own words he was more the actor’s dancer than the dancer’s dancer. This we see in this short clip from The Moor’s Pavane. Limon’s intent was to tell the story of Othello through gesture. And probably no one more than Limon was able to “hold the stage” as well as he with so minimum an amount of movement. Though Limon moved […]

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  • Suite From A Choreographic Offering

    Suite From A Choreographic Offering

    In Suite from A Choreographic Offering Jose Limon pays tribute to his mentor and teacher, Doris Humphrey. Limon, a pioneer of modern dance, developed an expansive, beautifully precise technique. This technique allowed his dancers to maximize their creativity by freeing them of the rigidity of structure thus giving them what they needed to find their own individual expression. Approx. 14.5 x 10.5″ Festwochen poster prints are reproductions of the original 1975 print of the unforgettable, talented Limon. Grade: Near Mint […]

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