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  • Pacific Northwest Ballet – Jiri Kylian and Crystal Pite trailer

    Pacific Northwest Ballet – Jiri Kylian and Crystal Pite trailer

    Enjoy this short trailer of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s performance of three of Kylian’s works, Petite Mort, Sechs Tanzew (Six Dances) and Forgotten Land. Crystal Pite’s Emergence was performed as well. An evening of provocative imagery, charm, sensualness, and joy no less than what we have come to expect from the musicality, beautiful line, and humor of Kylian’s choreography and the enthralling works of Pite. What a privilege for Pacific Northwest Ballet to have these works in its repertoire…as well as […]

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  • Jiří Kylian – One of a Kind

    Jiří Kylian – One of a Kind

    Commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Home Affairs to honor the country’s 150th anniversary of its constitution, Kylian presents us with his full-length ballet, One of a Kind, the celebration of individual freedom. Less a theme than a suggestion of one, some see One of a Kind as one’s journey through life with both its beauty as well as its darkness and disappointments. But whatever the interpretation, which Kylian’s encourages from his audiences, this ballet is one that has an […]

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  • Jiri Kylian – Blackbird

    Jiri Kylian – Blackbird

    Performed to traditional Georgian chants, Blackbird comes from the play by the same name. Blackbird takes us into the limitations and weaknesses of the human body. Watch the choreography and you not only see the imagery of the body as it struggles against its desire for total freedom, but you will feel its frustration, its torment as well. A constant reminder of what the mind conceives but what the body cannot always do, this is Jiri Kylian’s Blackbird.

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  • Jiří Kylian – Nederlands Dans Theater I – Vanishing Twin

    Jiří Kylian – Nederlands Dans Theater I – Vanishing Twin

    In Kylian’s own words,Vanishing Twin is “a small meditation on time, speed, aging and all unfinished… Music is by Bach, Prelude in B flat minor from the 1st part of The Well-Tempered Clavier. The choreography alternates between very fast, then extremely slow movements as if to reflect the characteristics of time, in that it sometimes moves unbearably slow but then deceptively advances so quickly it seems almost imperceptible. And as well for aging…with the passing of time.. This work is […]

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  • Jiří Kylián – Nederlands Dans Theater I – Wings of Wax

    Jiří Kylián – Nederlands Dans Theater I – Wings of Wax

    Wings of Wax is a work about change in relationships. It’s Kylian in style; intense emotion; creative choreography; complex, unique partnering; as well as selection of music, Wings of Wax is Kylian times two. Set to compositions from Bach and Biber to modern composers Cage and Glass, Kylian has a unique knack for using different styles of music from different eras. The innovative choreography and the exquisite execution were a match of stunning beauty. It was effortless, beautifully expressive, and […]

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  • Nederlands Dans Theater – Jiri Kylian – Tar and Feathers

    Nederlands Dans Theater – Jiri Kylian – Tar and Feathers

    Any work that directs your attention to a piano that stands center stage and at an exaggerated height above the stage floor, primes you to wonder exactly what you can expect from the choreography. As it turns out, Tar and Feathers is about “What is the Word?, Samuel Beckett’s final poem before dying. In this poem Beckett looks at his past, his life, wondering about their meaning and if perhaps they were no more than mere foolishness.

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  • Nederlands Dans Theater II – True To II

    Nederlands Dans Theater II – True To II

    With everything comes change, and with every change comes the possibility that what preceded it will be subject to criticism, ridicule, or just plain ole pokin’ fun at. And that’s exactly what we see in Cacti, created by Alexander Ekman, the current associate choreographer for Nederlands Dance Theater II. Cacti is at the same time engaging, irreverent, and fun. It “rolls its eyes”, you might say, at the silliness we sometimes see in those who have a need, or even […]

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  • Nederlands Dans Theater I – Sehnsucht

    Nederlands Dans Theater I – Sehnsucht

    Choreography: Artistic Advisor, Sol Leon and Artistic Director, Paul Lightfoot Standing in a spotlighted area on an otherwise blackened stage is a soloist in white pants, Silas Henriksen, with his back to the audience. Upstage, seemingly floating in space, we see inside the image of a cube-shaped room. The items inside are drawn to strange perspective and orientation, but the pas de deux within its confines is obviously unaffected by this. The soloist is then aroused to movement which becomes […]

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  • Jiří Kylián – Car Men

    Jiří Kylián – Car Men

    Though Kylian worked with mostly live performance, he also directed two films, one of which is Car Men, a contemporary spoof on the ballet, Carmen. Set in a car yard, Car Men is in black and white and in the style of silent era films. Somewhat following the storyline of Carmen, Car Men is Kylian all the way! In the use of humor, the facial expressions, and body language as well as the physical nature of the choreography… Dancer Sabine […]

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  • Netherlands Dans Theater – Jiri Kylian – Birth-Day

    Netherlands Dans Theater – Jiri Kylian – Birth-Day

    This particular episode of Birth-Day by Jiri Kylian is a fun-loving work created in honor of Mozart’s birthday. It gives us another Charlie Chaplin type performance created by filming the performers to music that had been slowed down, then returned to a normal speed. Film is the only medium other than live performance that Kylian worked in. However, his work was innovative and dynamic in part because of his collaboration with artists in other media. The humor and facial expressions […]

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