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  • Jasmin Vardimon Company – Freedom

    Jasmin Vardimon Company – Freedom

    See Jasmin Vardimon. But think Pina Bausch. Because there’s a distinct similarity between these two choreographers. However, whereas Bausch was more blended in approach, Vardimon is more singularly focused and more systematic…though at times somewhat repetitive. Certainly Vardimon’s Freedom comes from the surreal vignettes of Bausch’s tanztheater, but what Vardimon gives us in this work is a distinct theme, a theme that connects freedom and oppression and is as clearly defined as the title itself. No pretenses here.. However, there’s […]

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  • Jasmin Vardimon Company

    Jasmin Vardimon Company

    Jasmin Vardimon is choreography and theater with a message. Ernest and masterful in its intent and genuine in appeal,it’s at the same time extraordinary, beautiful, highly innovative, and powerful. This video gives us vignettes of life as we experience it as well as much of what is chaotic and difficult to accept.

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  • Jasmin Vardimon – Justitia

    Jasmin Vardimon – Justitia

    Welcome to Justitia, a dramatic performance of a murder trial that gives us a narrative brilliantly supported by movement while enhanced by it at the same time. The revolving screen makes Justitia work. The creative genius behind Justitia holds it together in a way that much dance theater hasn’t been able to. Choreographed by Jasmin Vardimon who has recently been appointed as an Associate Artist of Sadler’s Wells… Justitia, dance theater…and dance theater at its best. If you enjoy dance […]

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