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  • Isadora Duncan Ensemble

    Isadora Duncan Ensemble

    Though revolutionizing dance in the late 1800s wasn’t initially accepted in America, Isadora Duncan eventually earned recognition and wide acclaim in Europe and later in America for doing so. Duncan’s style of dance was never codified into a technique. However, her philosophy, her style of dance, and departure from ballet secured her place in history as a pioneer of modern dance. Watch as the Isadora Duncan Ensemble performs classic Duncan style, a style untethered by the restraint of ballet technique […]

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  • Isadora Duncan Choreography Revived – Sylvia Gold

    Isadora Duncan Choreography Revived – Sylvia Gold

    In this dress rehearsal Sylvia Gold revives original Isadora Duncan choreography. This is the choreography she enjoyed in the 70s as a young student of Irma Duncan, one of the original Isadorables. Like a nymph in the forest, the dancer skips, turns, and dances with child-like pleasure and simplicity. The choreography is naive compared to today’s choreography but nonetheless “speaks” eloquently and wistfully to modern dance of Duncan’s era. A shortened and better version than the original, Vanessa Redgrave does […]

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  • A Classic Isadora Duncan Dance

    A Classic Isadora Duncan Dance

    Isadora Duncan was considered by many to be the founder of modern dance. It was she who paved the way for Martha Graham’s more serious and technical approach to modern dance. Duncan’s life, as well as her approach to dance, was characterized by the unconventional. She was the first dancer to move away from the strict discipline of ballet and toward a much freer style of movement. Her idea was to connect emotion to movement which was under-scored by her […]

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