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  • Image Theatre – Black Box

    Image Theatre – Black Box

    Founded in 1989 by Eva Asterova, formerly with the Czech ballet company, Image Theatre introduced into black theater elements such as modern dance and non-verbal acting while focusing on the characteristics of individual scenes. Over the year black light theater has developed into an entertainment with its own unique structure, core, and sophistication. It delights audiences worldwide with its blend of theater, modern dance, mime, and playfulness. In this black box performance you’ll see more of what is possible with […]

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  • Image Theatre – AFRIKANIA

    Image Theatre – AFRIKANIA

    There is theater and then there is….black theater, a theater that is real but also of the mind. A theater prompted by dark that is darker than night, by lighting that is intense and colorful…and psychedelic.. Theater that is prompted by actors and actresses that can’t be seen but that instead become images that defy gravity, images you can see with as much intensity as what you can’t see, the void itself. Image theater is imagination and the unexpected sometimes […]

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