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  • Hofesh Shechter

    Hofesh Shechter

    Though Hofesh Shechter is one of Britain’s hottest choreographers, this short clip is definitely not one of my favorites. It’s intensely urban, as much of Shechter’s choreography is, but it just didn’t have the same excitement and appeal for me. Of course, it’s really not fair to judge on the basis of a very short, 1’ 16” video either. If you’re a Hofesh Shechter fan, please like then share this clip with others.

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  • Skins Series II Preview – Hofesh Shechter

    Skins Series II Preview – Hofesh Shechter

    I don’t know which comes first in this video, the dance or the music. Both work so beautifully together. As a former drummer in a rock band, Shechter creates all his own music which is why its unpretentious, pounding nature complements the physical nature of the choreography so well. Shechter was a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company before forming his own company. I hope you enjoyed this preview trailer choreographed for the first episode in the second series of […]

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  • Hofesh Shechter at Jacob’s Pillow

    Hofesh Shechter at Jacob’s Pillow

    A short clip taken from In Your Rooms and Uprising at Jacob’s Pillow… I love the floor sequence at 41”. Its reptilian nature has a kind of primeval appeal. The upper body positions of the dancers and the downward cast faces reinforce the earthy feel of the performance. And the music composed by Shechter? It dramatically enhances the effect. Very hip and on the edge.. Please like then share with others.

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  • Hofesh Shechter – Uprising

    Hofesh Shechter – Uprising

    The man in demand, Hofesh Shechter, brings theater, drama, and excitement to the stage in Uprising. The performance is strong, rousing, and filled with testosterone. Is it meant to be more than this? Ummm, not sure… Shechter’s background in drum and percussion gives us both tribal and contemporary sound, even Middle Eastern, with hypnotic rhythm that pulses throughout your body. The live percussion alone would be reason enough! The dramatic choreography electrifies us all the more. With Shechter’s exceptional sense […]

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  • Hofesh Shechter – In Your Rooms

    Hofesh Shechter – In Your Rooms

    This short clip of Shechter’s In Your Rooms was one I wasn’t able to connect with. It seemed a bit disjointed and hard to follow. And although it supposedly was meant to carry a lot of emotion, it felt rather aloof to me. The piece is intended to represent the complexities we face when trying to communicate in our present-day world. And certainly the boring nature and awkwardness of the choreography under-scored this. Unintended consequences? If you find you can […]

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