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  • Carmen – Solo de Dança Contemporânea de Cuba

    Carmen – Solo de Dança Contemporânea de Cuba

    Everyone is familiar with the opera Carmen, always a huge crowd pleaser. The choreography chosen for Danca Contemporanea’s Carmen was energetic, atheletic, and contemporary, certainly fitting this company’s contemporary style. However, the choreography wasn’t quite what I expected to see and although it was a strong performance executed by a skilled technician, I thought it was a bit boring and odd at places. Performed in 2008 at Joinville’s Dance Festival in southern Brazil, one of the world’s largest events of […]

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  • Danza Contemporanea de Cuba – Instintos

    Danza Contemporanea de Cuba – Instintos

    Mixing classical with contemporary, the duet of Yeira Genao and Juan Capellain gives us a versatile but beautiful partnership of seduction and experimentation. However, as you watch these dancers you can see what their abilities are but then have to ask whether or not they’re dancing up to their full capabilities as artists. They seem to be more in an exploratory mode physically. Please like then share this video with others who will be interested in this charming duet and […]

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  • Danza Contemporánea de Cuba – 2010 UK Tour

    Danza Contemporánea de Cuba – 2010 UK Tour

    Excerpts from Folia and Demo-n/Crazy during Danza Contemporanea de Cuba’s 2010 UK tour.. Founded in 1959 by Ramon Guerra, known as the grandfather of modern dance in Cuba, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba is now directed by Miguel Iglesias. Interestingly, 1959 is the year that the dictator, Batista, was overthrown by the Cuban revolution. In Folia the choreography is reminiscent of Martha Graham. The costumes are very Graham as well. However, in Demo-n/Crazy you see a lot of partnering of men […]

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