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  • Body Motion: Modern Dance Workout

    Body Motion: Modern Dance Workout

    Watch this full body workout. While level 1 introduces you to basic, foundational movements, level 2 is for more advanced dancers who want to strengthen their balance and improve their technique. Taught by Kat Worthington, an experienced dancer and teacher, this trailer for the full dvd promises that over time you’ll notice improvement in muscle tone as well as danceability. From cheekygirlsproductions.com If you enjoy improving your own ability to dance, please like then share this video.

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  • How To Do A Cartwheel

    How To Do A Cartwheel

    In this video Benjamin Asriel, Dance Lab NYC at Stepping Out Studios, teaches and demos cartwheels and how they can be used in post modern and contemporary dance. Benjamin uses the weight of his head to stabilize himself while doing cartwheels. This video will give you very solid instruction on how to perfect your cartwheel. However, it’s never advisable to attempt any skill of this type without the help of a professional. There’s too much risk of injury. If you […]

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  • Learn How To Pirouette!

    Learn How To Pirouette!

    A step-by-step tutorial for learning how to do a pirouette… A pirouette is basic to many types of dance including ballet and modern as well as jazz. To be able to do several pirouettes in a row without getting dizzy, “spotting” is essential. Spotting is looking at a stationary object at eye level for as long as you can while turning your body, then turning your head back around as quickly as you can to view that same object. This […]

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