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  • The Forsythe Company – Decreation

    The Forsythe Company – Decreation

    Inspired by Canadian poet Anne Carson’s collection, Decreation, this theater production of the same name is more theater than dance. Choreographed by William Forsythe for Ballet Frankfurt in 2003, the dancers’ emotions in this award-winning performance always seem on the verge of even more intensity…as if they’re at the point of (psychological) spillover. Decreation is a lofty effort to translate Carson’s ideas into movement by analyzing the painful reality of a difficult relationship. The Forsythe Company is based in Dresden, […]

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  • Rosie Kay Dance Company – The Wild Party

    Rosie Kay Dance Company – The Wild Party

    It’s wild. It’s sexy. It’s decadent. Based on the jazz poem by Joseph Moncure March, The Wild Party, Rosie Kay’s cutting edge choreography comes with everything you’d expect of the Gatsby era golden age… …the reaction against the social repression, sexual morays, and conservatism post WWI. After all, it’s the Jazz Age…with the “loosening” of society’s behavioral restrictions. And Rosie Kay’s The Wild Party? Wonderfully creative, “loose”, …and just plain superb. If you enjoy the imaginative world of dance theater, […]

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