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  • Louis Vuitton – Wheels, Glorious Wheels

    Louis Vuitton – Wheels, Glorious Wheels

    Showcasing Louis Vuitton’s Zephyr luggage line is this snappy, modernistic dance. The features of the luggage are highlighted through the performance of two travelers who meet in an airport…as do their suitcases! As you’re introduced to the new line, you see the subdued retro look, the wheels, the curves, and the elegance of the over-all styling. And if that weren’t enough? Then how can you resist the leather craftsmanship and the easy-to-handle ergonomic design. You can’t! Anymore than you can […]

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  • The Gap Commercial – The Boyfriend Trouser

    The Gap Commercial – The Boyfriend Trouser

    Probably long gone are the days when many of us literally turned on the tube to watch our favorite commercials…except perhaps for the Super Bowl. That was in the 90s when Gap was one of the companies that gave us those favorite commercials. Now fast forward into the 21st century to once again see how the Gap commercials line up as recently as 2007 when this trousers commercial was first shown. Watch very cute Claire Danes and adorable Patrick Wilson […]

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  • Cadbury Caramilk Commercial – Modern Dance

    Cadbury Caramilk Commercial – Modern Dance

    “How do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar?” ..the catchy little question asked at the end of Cadbury commercials back in the nineties. The commercial proposes to give us the answer. But does the answer really lie within these ninjas? No, unfortunately not. Alas, we never really did get the answer…at least not from the ninjas nor even from Cadbury. It was all a commercial ploy…albeit a deliciously sweet one nonetheless. So can you solve this little “mystery?” […]

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  • Levi’s Ballet Commercial

    Levi’s Ballet Commercial

    Girl seduces boy. Boy succumbs. The elegance of these two dancers from the Korea National Ballet against the background of the streets of Seoul makes for a showing of graceful and elegant “proportions”…and a perfect “fit” for the spring 2012 Levi’s Stretch to Fit Jeans commercial. A taste of classical. A bit of b-boying. And music to match. Take a step back and be a part of the playful, joyful interaction between these two dancers that the ease with their […]

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