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  • Batsheva Dancers Create – Home Alone

    Batsheva Dancers Create – Home Alone

    Batsheva Dancers Create is a project which allows Batsheva dancers the independence and autonomy to not only create their own works but to see them through the entire process of production and performance including marketing and advertising. Supported by the Michael Selah Foundation for Cultivaton of Young Artists at Batsheva, this on-going project, now in its eighth year, gives us all the chance to better understand and experience the talent of these dancers who are so very devoted to their […]

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  • Minus 2 – Ohad Naharin – Polski Teatr Tańca / Polish Dance Theatre

    Minus 2 – Ohad Naharin – Polski Teatr Tańca / Polish Dance Theatre

    Message and purpose… This seems to be the choreographic intent of Minus 2 by Ohad Naharin. What the message is I’m not really sure, but what I can say is that … Naharin’s compositional skill is unquestioned, and his style is remarkable. This international company of dancers, Batsheva, thrills us with amazing variety of movement, technical expertise, and a style that’s unmistakable. Polish Dance Theatre is the only Polish dance group that has partnered with Ohad Naharin. If you enjoy […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – House By Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

    Batsheva Dance Company – House By Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

    Unnatural looking choreography, bordering on the grotesque. A performance of bizarre characters with sometimes gruesome looking expressions and garish, lipstick red mouths. Other-worldly beings that sometimes seem to be at the brink of personal destruction, controlled but at the same time seemingly ready to explode. Movement that seems to defy the body’s capabilities. A work that most likely shows us the extreme end of the range of choreography? Yes, I would think so. If you appreciate the extreme in Eyal’s […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Sadeh21

    Batsheva Dance Company – Sadeh21

    This is one of the most hypnotic and sensational of any of Naharin’s choreography that I’ve seen thus far. The juxtaposition of sound effects, music, pace, emotion, and rhythm is sophisticated and brilliant. Sadeh21 comes from “Sadeh”, or “field” (of study), in Hebrew. Comprised of 21 movement studies based on Gaga, Naharin’s movement language, Sadeh21 gives us the abstract, the eccentric, but foremost dance. Can you feel the intensity of conflict, the complexity and solemnity of life? Do you love […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Mamootot

    Batsheva Dance Company – Mamootot

    Nine dancers, nine exceptional dancers…who surprise, who excite, who impress. Mannequin-like, sometimes robotic, even extreme at times. At one point a dancer writhes in snake-like fashion across the floor. At another, a dancer engages the audience as she extends her hand and offers a handshake. From static in sound to punk pop in music, what you hear is as varied and creative as what you see. Do you enjoy the unexpected in choreography? If so, please like, then share this […]

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  • Gaga – A Language Of Movement

    Gaga – A Language Of Movement

    As a result of an injury and the pain that accompanied it, Ohad Naharin, Batsheva Dance Company, was forced to develop a different way to move. Thus Gaga, a language of dance movement, was born. Reconnect with your body through technique and imagination. Let your instincts guide you without self-consciousness, without judgment, without misgivings. Dance “alone” even as you dance with others. That is Gaga. Do you connect with the philosophy of Gaga? If so, please click like, then share […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Virus

    Batsheva Dance Company – Virus

    Theatrical, dramatic, emotional, and unquestionably distinct, Virus is like nothing you’ll ever experienced. Presented by the Batsheva Dance Company from Tel Aviv it’s a riveting performance that is sometimes cautious and quiet, sometimes frenetic, but never, ever boring. How is Virus to be interpreted? It’s anyone’s guess. After all, Naharin’s intent is to be unclear, to have us wonder and to question. Bold choreography, bold movement “transmitted”, as in Virus, from Naharin himself to each of his dancers. I hope […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Decadance

    Batsheva Dance Company – Decadance

    A little of this, a little of that. An accumulation of evolving and miscellaneous pieces. That is Deca. In the first part of this clip the lighting creates interesting patterns of shadow, enhanced by the dancers’ white shirts and black pants. Sometimes a little silly, sometimes crazy and wild, but movements that are always controlled…even in the “fight” that ensues at 1’ 27”. Naharin pulls from all emotions. In fact, interestingly enough, there are no mirrors in his studios. He […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Three by Ohad Naharin

    Batsheva Dance Company – Three by Ohad Naharin

    Three is a collection of three dances, Humus, Bellus, and Secus…without story line or connection to one another. In this clip we see eloquence, complexity and control. The dancers clearly own their movement. The music is background as this male duet dances “over” it, creating music of its own. Through beautiful masculine movement, these two dancers relate to one another with obvious sensitivity. While creative and innovative as choreography, the audience is asked to explore its own imagination as well. […]

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  • Batsheva Dance Company – Max by Ohad Naharin

    Batsheva Dance Company – Max by Ohad Naharin

    This clip opens to the chanting drone of a voice-like sound that would lull you into a trance were it not for the intensity and variety of the dancers’ upper body movements that accompanies it. But despite the sometimes almost frenetic nature of this sequence, the dancers are virtually without emotion…except for a faint smile at the end. Parts of this video have a very tribal feel to them; others more alien. But certainly as a whole it is abstract. […]

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