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  • Baryshnikov – 60 pirouettes

    Baryshnikov – 60 pirouettes

    White Nights and… JUST FOR FUN! Fake, but oh so amusing.. Watch how Hines’ demeanor changes. But as subtle as the change is, you have no trouble reading his thoughts and incredulity with Misha’s…”60!” Hines was as taken aback as Baryshnikov was amazing. Well, almost amazing! 11 for 11. But 60? Shhhh.. The tape was looped! If you enjoyed this “just for fun” video of the playful Baryshnikov and the disbelieving Hines, please like then share with others.

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  • Baryshnikov – “That’s Life”, a tribute to Sinatra

    Baryshnikov – “That’s Life”, a tribute to Sinatra

    Here we have a little Sinatra but a lot more Baryshnikov as he and Elaine Kudo dance to Ole Blue Eyes’ “That’s Life.” We probably know Baryshnikov more as a dancer and choreographer than an actor, but there’s little question about his Thespian talents as we watch his interpretation of Sinatra’s “That’s Life” as choreographed by Twyla Tharp. Originally broadcast almost 30 years ago as “Baryshnikov by Tharp” for television’s Dance in America, it was the recipient of two Emmy […]

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  • White Nights – 11 Pirouettes

    White Nights – 11 Pirouettes

    Is Baryshnikov ever short of amazing? In this segment from the movie, White Nights, Baryshnikov once again shows himself as a master of movement. Really now, 10 pirouettes? Let me (Baryshnikov) tease you…with 11! And as he does, he effortlessly cuts through space as if there is none, more easily so than most people can walk across a room.  

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  • Mikhail Baryshnikov And Gregory Hines Dance In “White Nights”

    Mikhail Baryshnikov And Gregory Hines Dance In “White Nights”

    These two dancers came from very different training backgrounds. Gregory Hines was a tap dancer known for his improvisational style.  Baryshnikov, of course, was classically trained. Though both are dancers you’ll never tire of watching, you’ll notice the differences in their styles. This is one video you’ll want to watch through once, then go back and stop it periodically to see a side by side comparison. Watch their feet…as well as their upper bodies. Watch this 1985 political thriller and […]

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