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  • Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    An interdisciplinary artist from Boston, MA, Lisa Bufano is a portrait in determination, resilience, and bravery. A bilaterial below-the-knee and fingers-thumbs amputee, Lisa almost lost her life at age 21 to a staphylococcus bacterial infection. Lisa’s performance career began when her web site was found by a professor at the University of Linz who was researching amputees’ lives. As a consequence she was offered a stipend to perform in Vienna. In her work she not only uses her body as […]

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  • AXIS Dance Company – Foregone

    AXIS Dance Company – Foregone

    Foregone, premiered 2007. There are never as many possibilities as when you take them away. Out of limitations and frustration there often comes courage, creativity, and many more possibilities. What may be effortless for those who are disabled is often difficult for those who are not disabled. Similarly what is difficult for those disabled is probably not difficult for those not disabled. It urges us to redefine “normal.” These are the lessons we learn from AXIS Dance Company, a company […]

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  • AXIS Dance Company – To Color Me Different

    AXIS Dance Company – To Color Me Different

    AXIS Dance Company has redefined dance by integrating movement between dancers who have physical limitations and those who don’t. Founded in 1987 AXIS was one of the first companies to develop what we now know as physically integrated dance. Rather than approaching choreography within the confines of what isn’t possible, AXIS works with what is possible. As a result you have potential that would never be possible otherwise. The result? The beautiful melding of unique forms of movement which includes […]

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