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  • Alwin Nikolais – The Crucible

    Alwin Nikolais – The Crucible

    Pilobolus and Momix…and before them? Their predecessor, Alwin Nikolais.. ..who introduced us to color, lighting, shapes, hypnotic effect, imagery, and imaginative props in a way we’d never before experienced. A pioneer in “total theater”, he was known as the P.T. Barnum of dance, for one. Unlike Martha Graham, Nikolais was about “motion, not emotion.” Rather than a storyline or psychological drama, he brought a sense of magic and visual excellence to his audiences. Since the 1950s through the early 1990s […]

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  • Alwin Nikolais – Centennial

    Alwin Nikolais – Centennial

    Alwin Nikolais, magical and inspiring not only with dance but with lighting, props, special effects, and masks… An innovative American choreographer, Nikolais nurtured the imagination and brought excitement and creativity in his approach to modern dance and onto the stage. Here in Nikolais’ Centennial you see a technique very different from classical. The shapes, shadows, interactions and entanglements of the dancers’ bodies give an almost gymnastic effect at times. And toward the end? A kind of kaleidoscopic abstraction… Could you […]

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  • Alwin Nikolais – Tensile Involvement

    Alwin Nikolais – Tensile Involvement

    Alwin Nikolais, founder of the Nikolais Dance Theater, viewed man as part of his total environment. This can be seen in the works he choreographed which, as his dance theater grew, received international acclaim. Nikolais brought into his choreography experimental props, lighting, and sound with which the dancers blended, interacted, and became one. His emphasis was on form and the abstract, so unlike his predecessor, Martha Graham, who embraced emotion in her work, often with a story line. In Tensile […]

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