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  • Alexander Ekman – Maybe Two

    Alexander Ekman – Maybe Two

    Relationships…with all the insecurities, doubts, and conflict that are a part of them.

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  • 40m Under – Trailer – Cullbergbaletten (Cullberg Ballet)

    40m Under – Trailer – Cullbergbaletten (Cullberg Ballet)

    Choreography and production: Alexander Ekman and Martin Steinberg 40m Under, recorded in 2009 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, is Alexander Ekman’s first significant dance film. 40m Under is set in the institute in a former nuclear reactor hall. Depicting an underground installation, the choreography is quirky and humorous. The dancers are portrayed as take-charge, dominant personalities, more reinforced, according to Ekman, on film than on stage. And you can understand why this would be the case given […]

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  • Nederlands Dans Theater I – LAB 15, Alexander Ekman

    Nederlands Dans Theater I – LAB 15, Alexander Ekman

    Choreographer Alexander Ekman enjoyed so much attention for the originality and uniqueness of his ideas that several years ago he felt it made sense to devote his time solely to choreography. Ekman is a forward-thinking choreographer who over the past few years has made a name for himself particularly in Europe. For someone still so young, in his late 20s, he brings amazing creativity and energy to the stage. His fans love his work. He purposefully engages his audiences, making […]

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