Batsheva Dancers Create – Home Alone

Batsheva Dancers Create is a project which allows Batsheva dancers the independence and autonomy to not only create their own works but to see them through the entire process of production and performance including marketing and advertising.

Supported by the Michael Selah Foundation for Cultivaton of Young Artists at Batsheva, this on-going project, now in its eighth year, gives us all the chance to better understand and experience the talent of these dancers who are so very devoted to their art.

This amazingly inspiring group of Batsheva dancers holds nothing back. Their unabashed passion for their art shows in every part their beings. I hope you’ll like then share this very worthy project with others.

Authored by Deborah Friedes Galili, Contemporary Dance in Israel is a wonderful primer for those new to contemporary dance in Israel. It gives those who already understand modern dance the chance to familiarize themselves with an extremely rich Israeli dance scene. Contemporary Dance in Israel includes sections about companies, choreographers, organizations, festivals, and theaters. (Kindle)


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