Bad Boys of Dance – So You Think You Can Dance

Bad Boys of Dance on So You Think You Can Dance..

At the beginning this performance felt somewhat like an extravaganza, an extravaganza in terms of the “big” movements, the huge leaps, the space covered on stage, and the music.

Well, it started out that way. But after the first minute or so, it began to take on a sameness. The choreography stopped exciting, and the repetitious music began to grate.

Despite the obvious talent, energy, enthusiasm, and athleticism of Bad Boys, not to mention their over-all appeal, I found even this short video a little hard to get through.

Ok, it’s up to you! Certainly Boy Boys is about a mix of styles, but, for me, this performance wasn’t quite “mix” enough! What do you think? Like then share this video as you choose!


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