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  • SDSU’S Modern Dance Class

    SDSU’S Modern Dance Class

    Soothing, lyrical, and beautiful, this video allows the viewer to set aside the stronger emotions that modern dance often evokes and to enjoy a more relaxed and simpler state of being. Modern dance encompasses the entire spectrum of emotion. That is its strength. Enjoy and share.

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  • Revelations, Alvin Ailey’s Signature Work

    Revelations, Alvin Ailey’s Signature Work

    Revelations, Alvin Ailey’s signature work, expresses a range of human emotion which exemplified the African-America experience in the early history of the United States. Different from its original format, Revelations as we know it today is in three parts. It begins with “songs that yearn for deliverance, that speak of trouble and of this world’s trials and tribulations”, as expressed in Ailey’s own words The next part portrays a baptism of purification, while the last is an up-lifting, hopeful celebration […]

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  • Peggy Lyman Performs Martha Graham’s Lamentation

    Peggy Lyman Performs Martha Graham’s Lamentation

    Watch as Peggy Lyman performs Martha Graham’s Lamentations. This dance expresses the tragic side of human emotions. Emotions of mourning, despair, and hopelessness… Watch Peggy as she portrays a mother wracked with pain at the loss of her son. As she stretches  and pushes against a simple tube of a costume, it’s as if she’s trying to get outside her own skin and beyond her own emotions. But first she must experience them. Please share this video with someone who may […]

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